High School


Overview & Goals

STS will be hosting an art program available to Pittsburg HS students who are enrolled in STS academy After School Program.  This art program revolves around the use of the social media platform Instagram as a medium of competition. Students will be asked to submit original, themed visual artwork on a weekly basis, the quality of which will be judged by the curators of the Pittsburg art gallery. The judges will decide upon the top three most impressive or inspiring pieces of art, and STS will award the top three place-winners of the competition accordingly with a cash prize of $200, $100, and $50 respectively. This will be a recurring competition, happening once-weekly until the end of the last complete week of school in the current school year, resulting in a total of $1000 worth of first place prizes, $500 worth of second place prizes, and $250 worth of third place prizes: a grand total of $1750. The goal of this program is to raise awareness of the arts among local High School students.

The theme for each week will be posted on instragram!


We will advertise our program at PHS this Friday, May 5th, 2017 during the lunch and early afterschool hours, utilizing a small booth area complete with STS Academy applications, fliers, and a large-scale banner promoting this new program.

Rules & Guidelines

Specific guidelines have been put in place to ensure the competition remains fair and aligned to STS Academy’s core values. All students must adhere to the following guidelines, or they forfeit their rights to the prize money or to participate in further iterations of the competition:

  • Participants must be members of STS Academy After School Program and/or PACC.

    • Applications are available on line and at PHS (all applications must be signed by parents).

  • Participants must submit posts in line with the weekly program theme, which we will provide to the students at the beginning of each competition phase (instragram, STS website)

  • Participants must submit artwork developed on their own, i.e. without borrowing from outside sources (i.e. any existing content) and relying on others to help them with their photography, sketching, painting or other preferred creative medium. 

  • Participants must use their own Instagram accounts; sharing accounts, creating artwork for others, or providing Instagram accounts for others to submit their artwork is strictly prohibited. Participants must not submit multiple entries. One entry per person, per week.

  • Participants must not submit any explicit, crude, discriminatory, or hateful content. Doing so is immediate grounds for dismissal from the competition.

  • Participants must include their Name, Grade & Student ID number with each submission.

  • Participants must agree to turn over intellectual rights of their creations to STS Academy upon submission to the competition; they may not claim royalties or any other benefits from their creation.

To submit the artwork, students need only post their artwork on their Instagram account, and “tag” STS Academy by including the #art.stsacademy motif in their artwork description. We can then view their artwork from either a phone or PC platform, and these posts will remain in the virtual cloud for quite some time, allowing us and the judge adequate time to evaluate the merits and demerits of the various posts.


1st Week  May 7 – 13 (submit Art)  May 19 Prizes Awarded  Rose is our subject

2nd WeekMay 14 -20 (submit Art)  May 26 Prizes Awarded 

3rd WeekMay 21- 27 (submit Art)  June 2 Prizes Awarded

4th WeekMay 28 – June 3 (submit Art)June 7 Prizes Awarded

5th Week  May 21  June 1 (Fine Art Only) June 7 Prizes Awarded


The final week is reserved for drawing and paintings and have a longer submission because of the time required to complete the art work.

Weekly project or subject will be announced in advance of the submission start date.  Any photo or drawing must use the subject in the art work.  

As we progress through the five weeks of this Art Appreciation Program, STS may make changes in the rules or other aspects of the program.  All changes will be made prior to the submission date for the week and will not be retroactive.  

Please check STS website (www.stsacademy.org) and Instagram for up to date rules and/or rules changes.